Rookies! The Many rookies of the NHL

  Every player has a rookie season. Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin and John Tavares were all once rookies. Today, I will list the rookie class of 2016-17. Some will play all their teams games. Some will be sent down to the AHL/Juniors. Also, some players are qualified as rookies but have played in the NHLContinue reading “Rookies! The Many rookies of the NHL”

Surprise! The NHL\’s biggest surprises so far

 When it comes to professional sports, surprises happen often so you might not even call them surprises. It is so early in the year that the top team only has 11 points but yet, all 30 teams have some surprises. So, surprise! The point of this post is the surprises, and here are the top 10Continue reading “Surprise! The NHL\’s biggest surprises so far”