Winter meetings update: Outfielders Desmond, Fowler find new homes

 Every year, the winter meetings are a fun time for us fans. A time to criticize each team by signing that guy, not signing that guy, trading away that guy, trading for that guy, not trading for or not trading away that guy. It\’s a big circle. During the winter meetings, 2 of the many outfielders on the market got PAID. Here is how I recap how and why these 2 outfielders got PAID.
     First, a story about a natural shortstop, who signed a cheap one year, $8 mil deal (and that\’s cheap in baseball, I know) to be tested at center field, an unfamiliar position for him, for a contending team, to then hit for a BA of .285, hit 22 HRs, plus 86 RBIs, and swipe 21 bags, then gets a 5 year, $70 mil deal to play at the most hitter friendly park in the MLB, and play another position he\’s never played before- first base. A baseball fairy tale right, wrong. That\’s the story of Ian Desmond, who signed a cheap deal with the Texas Rangers to play a position he\’s never played before, and be an all-star, just to sign a big deal (with the Colorado Rockies) to play another unfamiliar position. Though the signing sparked trade rumors for CF Charlie Blackmon, the Rockies seem to want to have Desmond at first. The Rockies, who already had one of the league\’s best offenses, now has an outfield of stars Carlos Gonzalez, Blackmon, and 22 year old David Dahl, who was potent for the the Rox in 63 games last year. Plus an infield of Desmond, D.J LeMahieu, Trevor Story and Nolan Arenado, and will hope 25 year old Tom Murphy can be a solid catcher after a short stint in the MLB last season.
        Flashback to last offseason. The Chicago Cubs steal 2 good players from their arch rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals, (Jason Heyward and John Lackey) followed by a world series championship. This year, the Cards returned the favor by signing CF Dexter Fowler to a 5 year, $82.5 mil deal. Signing Fowler can move Randal Grichuk over to left, to replace Matt Holliday, who recently signed with the New York Yankees, and filling in Fowler between Grichuk and Stephen Piscotty. For the Cards, it\’s a word called payback.    

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