Looking ahead at the MLB trade deadline: 5 guys who could switch teams this season

      Raise your hand if you love the trade deadline, whether it\’s the MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL or something else. I just raised both of my hands. The trade deadline is always exciting. Guys are switching teams, changing franchises sometimes. So, why not predict who will be traded? So, I\’m predicting which MLB players are most likely to switch teams closer to – or at the deadline.

       Jay Bruce/Curtis Granderson, New York Mets
 Both Bruce and Granderson are upcoming free agents. They\’re occupying starting roles, but 24 year old Michael Conforto is trying to take one of their jobs. There\’s no way the Mets trade both of them, but there\’s a good chance one goes. In the offseason, Bruce almost went to Baltimore. The Mets would rather trade Bruce, but teams are interested in Granderson more. Bruce\’s numbers suggest he want to stay in the Big apple. He has 6 homers in 2017, 2nd out of all upcoming free agents (Mike Moustakas and Mark Reynolds). Granderson is hitting just .141 to start the season.

       Lorenzo Cain, Kansas City Royals
Everybody on this list is an upcoming free agent, because those are the most common type of players who are traded. Along with Moustakas and Eric Hosmer, Cain is one of the Royals core players from the 2015 WS that is an upcoming free agent. Moustakas is starting the season well, and Hosmer is the face of the franchise. Cain is hitting a solid .278, but has no HRs. He\’s swiped 6 bags. It may be time for him to Loren-go.

        Todd Frazier, Chicago White Sox
After the Sox traded stars Chris Sale and Adam Eaton this offseason, it looked like Frazier was going to go, too. The Sox kept him, but he hasn\’t started out well. He\’s hitting .163. He only has 1 bomb, and hit 40 last year. He\’s on pace for just 8 homers this year. If he heats up, the Sox can get a big haul for him.

         Marco Estrada/Francisco Liriano, Toronto Blue Jays
The Jays are off to a horrible start, with a 6-16 record after 22 games. That\’s a .273 winning %. They\’re also on pace for just 42 wins. They have 2 starters they can sell if they continue to play poorly. Liriano has a 4.58 ERA in 17.2 IP. Estrada has a 2.70 ERA in 30 IP. Many teams need pitching, and they could use a guy like Estrada or Liriano.

         Francisco Rodriguez, Detroit Tigers
\”K-Rod\” is the Tigers\’ closer, but isn\’t starting off well. He has an ERA of 6.23 in 8.2 innings. Blowing a pair of saves. At 35, Rodriguez might be dropping off. But a team like the Nationals would probably be willing to take that risk.

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