NHL trade review: Blackhawks acquire Martinsen

                     The Montreal Canadiens have made another trade, this time sending C Andreas Martinsen to the Chicago Blackhawks for forward Kyle Baun.

                      The Blackhawks have a bunch of players who would sit on other teams, but be in the lineup for them. And there is about 3-5 extra players like that. Martinsen will join that group. But, he was assigned to Rockwell (AHL) to start the season. Baun was just one of the IceHogs\’ forwards, and didn\’t have much of a chance of playing this year.

                    Martinsen, 27, scored three goals and four assists for seven points in 64 games for the Colorado Avalanche and Habs last year. He was traded mid-season for Sven Andrighetto. In his two year NHL career for those two teams, Martinsen has scored seven goals and 11 assists for 18 points in 119 games.

                    The Habs have a plethora of forwards, especially ones who are 4th line type players. Also, they recently acquired Nicolas Deslauriers from Buffalo. One of the forwards were bound to go at sometime, and it was Martinsen. A little disappointment is that Martinsen scored zero points in just nine games as a Hab, and the player he was traded for, Andrighetto, scored 16 points in 19 games after the trade. Baun is for depth at Laval (AHL), and is only two years younger.

                      Baun, 25, didn\’t play in the NHL last year. He was scoreless in five games between 2015-16 and 2014-15. He doesn\’t have much NHL history besides that, and that he is the grandson of Maple Leafs great Bobby Baun.

                      I think the Blackhawks win this trade. Both players aren\’t very notable, but Martinsen is better than Baun, and more experienced. That\’s why they win this trade.

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