NHL news: Burmistrov retires

              Forward Alexander Burmistrov has retired from the NHL, his agent Dan Milstein announced. Burmistrov last played for the Vancouver Canucks.

              Burmistrov was clearly fed up with Canucks management and the coaching staff. As Sportsnet anchor Rick Dhaliwal pointed out, Burmistrov just got four minutes of ice time in his final NHL game. Dhaliwal tweeted the following quote from Milstein. \”He wanted to go back home [to Russia]. No other reason. The Canucks were more than accommodating to his request.\” Despite that quote from Milstein, I still do think Burmistrov was fed up with the Canucks.

             For the Canucks, I have a feeling this could be a blessing in disguise for them. They have other forwards that need more ice-time, and Burmistrov was clogging up their path. This also marks the second Russian to go back to the KHL from the Canucks since the end of the 2016-17 season. Defenseman Nikita Tryamkin was the other one to leave.

              Burmistrov, 26, scored two goals and four assists for six points in 24 games for the Canucks this season. In his NHL career for the Canucks, Arizona Coyotes and Winnipeg Jets/Atlanta Thrashers, Burmistrov has scored 37 goals and 64 assists for 101 points in 348 games.

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