MLB news: Nats sign Kendrick

           The Washington Nationals have signed 2B/LF Howie Kendrick to a two year, $7 million deal. Kendrick\’s services were acquired by the Nats as a rental in July of 2017.

           Acquiring Kendrick was a surprise to many late in 2017. But, injuries happened, and Kendrick came in handy. His ability to play infield and outfield helps a lot, as versatility is growing in baseball today. A deal that pays a player $3.5 million a year is a huge bargain is baseball today.

            Kendrick, 34, hit .315, with nine homers, 41 RBIs and 12 steals in 334 Plate Appearances for the Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies in 2017. In his MLB career for the Nats, Phillies, Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels, Kendrick has a batting average of .291, with 104 homers, 636 RBIs and 123 stolen bases in 5791 Plate Appearances.

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