MLB news: Tigers sign Wood

                    The Detroit Tigers have signed LHP Travis Wood to a minor league deal.

                    Wood has been known as a guy who can either be in your rotation, or in your bullpen. This Spring, he\’s going to attempt to be in the Tigers rotation. He has also been known as a not bad hitter, but he won\’t be hitting much in 2018 as a Tiger, since he\’s in the American League. I think he could\’ve gotten a major league deal, but in this market, a minor league deal isn\’t bad.

                     Wood, 30, had a 6.80 ERA, 1.73 WHIP and 65 strikeouts in 94 innings for the San Diego Padres and Kansas City Royals in 2017. In his MLB career for the Royals, Padres, Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds, Wood has an ERA of 4.26, a 1.32 WHIP and 801 strikeouts in 994 innings.

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