MLB news: Padres sign Hosmer

                   The San Diego Padres have made their big splash, signing 1B Eric Hosmer to an eight year, $144 million deal. The deal includes an opt-out after the 5th year.

                    The Padres have a pretty lackluster offense. It\’s led by Wil Myers, but the rest isn\’t that good. Hosmer is now that guy that will lead the offense. He\’s also a really good defender. The deal is very big, and it\’s Scott Boras at work once again, but we\’ll see how it works out.

                     Hosmer, 28, had a .318 batting average, 25 homers and 94 RBIs in 671 Plate Appearances for the Kansas City Royals in 2017. In his MLB career, all for the Royals, Hosmer has a batting average of .284, with 127 homers, 566 RBIs and 60 stolen bases in 4393 Plate Appearances.

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