NHL trade review: Sharks acquire Fehr

                 The San Jose Sharks have acquired F Eric Fehr from the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for a 7th round pick.

                  The Sharks are in the hunt for a 4th line center. Fehr might not be that guy, but he\’ll audition for the role. They give up the smallest thing available, next to cash, so it doesn\’t matter too much.

                   Fehr, 32, has no points in four games this year for the Leafs. In his NHL career for the Leafs, Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals, Fehr has scored 103 goals and 99 assists for 202 points in 566 games.

                   The Leafs have way too many forwards, which is why Nikita Soshnikov was also dealt a week ago. Fehr has struggled to get playing time in Toronto since his trade there late last year. He only played in five games for them. They get a seventh for him. Not much, but something.

                   I think the Sharks win this deal. They get an NHL player for practically nothing. That\’s why they win this deal.

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