MLB news: Marlins sign Maybin, Rays sign Gomez

               Both Florida teams, the Miami Marlins and the Tampa Bay Rays, have done their fair share of trading away their good players, especially outfielders. The Marlins traded Marcel Ozuna, Christian Yelich and Giancarlo Stanton, and the Rays shipped away Steven Souza Jr. But, both teams were adding today, via free agency. OF Cameron Maybin went to the Marlins on a one year, $3.25 million deal. OF Carlos Gomez went to the Rays, also for one year, but for a slightly larger price, $4 million.

                 After trading their whole outfield, the Marlins can arrange it like this: Derek Dietrich in left, Lewis Brinson in center, and Maybin in right. It\’s not as bad considering all their starters were traded.

                  Maybin, 30, had a .228 batting average, 10 homers, 35 RBIs and 33 steals in 450 Plate Appearances in 2017 for the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Angels. In his MLB career for the Angels, Astros, Florida Marlins, San Diego Padres, Detroit Tigers and Atlanta Braves, Maybin has a batting average of .255, with 56 homers, 287 RBIs and 164 stolen bases in 3464 Plate Appearances.

                 A day after trading Souza, the Rays needed a RF, and a right-handed one as well. Gomez fits both of those bills. Plus, it\’s a cheap, one year deal for a former all-star.

                Gomez, 32, had a .255 batting average, 17 homers, 51 RBIs and 13 steals in 426 Plate Appearances for the Texas Rangers in 2017. In his MLB career for the Rangers, Houston Astros, Milwaukee Brewers, Minnesota Twins and New York Mets, Gomez has a .256 batting average, 133 homers, 504 RBIs and 252 stolen bases in 4720 Plate Appearances.

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