NHL trade review: Golden Knights acquire Tatar

                      The Vegas Golden Knights have acquired forward Tomas Tatar from the Detroit Red Wings in exchange for a 2018 1st round pick, a 2019 2nd rounder, and a 2021 3rd round draft pick.

                      For the Golden Knights, they are way up in a playoff spot, something nobody expected from them at the beginning of the year. Tatar is a player who can score goals, something that will never negatively affect a team. They give up a little too much, but it may be worth it, especially since they get three additional years of him.

                     Tatar, 27, has scored 16 goals and 12 assists for 28 points in 62 games this season for the Wings. In his NHL career, all in Detroit, Tatar has scored 115 goals and 107 assists for 222 points in 407 games.

                     For the Red Wings, they are in the midst of a rebuild, and need to free up cap space. Tatar\’s $5.3 million cap hit over three more years was a no-brainer to trade. They get picks in the first three rounds, and even though they are all in different years, they all have a good chance to be a valuable player.

                      I think the Red Wings win this deal. While Tatar is valuable, I don\’t think he\’s worth a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd round pick. It\’s a fleece.

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