Washington Nationals 2018 season preview

          With a 97-65 record, the Washington Nationals won the NL East in 2017, making the playoffs once again. Once again though, it was an NLDS exit for them, as the Chicago Cubs eliminated them. The team didn\’t need too much, but there was some work to do. Let\’s take a look at what theyContinue reading “Washington Nationals 2018 season preview”

Toronto Blue Jays 2018 season preview

         In a disappointing season for Jose Bautista, Troy Tulowitzki and just about half the team, the Toronto Blue Jays finished 4th in the AL East with a 76-86 record, missing the playoffs. With Baustista facing free agency again, and the roster not looking sharp, the Jays had their work cut out for them thisContinue reading “Toronto Blue Jays 2018 season preview”

Texas Rangers 2018 season preview

        In a very forgetful year, the Texas Rangers tied with the Seattle Mariners for third in the AL West with a 78-84 record. They missed the playoffs, and traded Yu Darvish at the trade deadline. With the team facing a serious decision, the team had some moves to make. Let\’s take a look atContinue reading “Texas Rangers 2018 season preview”

Tampa Bay Rays 2018 season preview

        In a surprising but rebuilding season, the Tampa Bay Rays finished 3rd in the AL East with an 80-82 record, missing the playoffs. With decisions to make on franchise players Chris Archer and Evan Longoria, the Rays had some moves to make in 2018. Let\’s take a look at their offseason.        Notable additions:Continue reading “Tampa Bay Rays 2018 season preview”

St. Louis Cardinals 2018 season preview

          With one of the league\’s worst bullpens, the St. Louis Cardinals missed the playoffs in 2017 by finishing 3rd in the NL Central with an 83-79 record. With breakout star Tommy Pham and defined ace Carlos Martinez, the Cardinals still have a squad. Let\’s take a look at what they did in the offseason.Continue reading “St. Louis Cardinals 2018 season preview”