My interview with #Isles Brock Nelson

           When people think about consistency in the NHL, they might think of scoring 20 goals in consecutive years. Well, then that will leave New York Islanders center Brock Nelson as pretty consistent. The 26 year old Warroad, Minnesota native has scored 15 goals and 12 assists for 27 points in 67 games in 2017-18. From 2014-15 to 2016-17, Nelson has scored at least 20 goals in each season, with 66 goals combined. In his NHL career, the 30th pick in the 2010 draft has scored 95 goals and 85 assists for 180 points in 383 games. At his teammate Anders\’ Lee\’s kan jam, I was able to talk to Brock about his season, the team and more.

           Carter LaCorte (me): In a season where there have been some tough times for you, you now are on a much needed hot streak (he was at the time). Why do you think you\’ve been playing much better lately?

           Brock Nelson: I think our line has been pretty good with [Andrew] Ladd and [Tanner] Fritz. We just try to play fast and score some goals.

           CL: The team has been very good on offense, but has struggled on defense. How can the forwards help prevent more goals from scoring?

            BN: That\’s a big focus for us. It starts with everybody going back and play hard in the D-zone. We need to give our goaltender some help. If we can do that, it\’ll lead to more offense.

            CL: What is it like being back at Anders\’ second kan jam?

            BN: It\’s a great event. It\’s for a great cause, we can interact with some fans. He\’s raised over $200, 000 in his two years. It for a great cause.

            CL: If the NHL expanded to Seattle, and you could name the team, what would you name it?

             BN: I\’d have to go to the drawing board to get a couple of ideas.

            CL: Who has the biggest personality on the team?

            BN: I\’d say Jason Chimera.

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