NHL trade review: Hurricanes, Coyotes swap Martinook, Kruger

        The Carolina Hurricanes have acquired F Jordan Martinook and a 4th round draft pick from the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for Marcus Kruger (With 10% of his $3 million contract retained) and a third round pick in an unusual trade during the playoffs.

         For the Hurricanes, the get rid of Kruger\’s big contract (for a 4th liner). I think he\’s the better player, but Martinook isn\’t a big drop-off either. The lose a round in the draft, but free up cap.

         Martinook, 25, scored six goals and nine assists for 15 points in 81 games for the Coyotes last year. In his NHL career, all in Arizona, Martinook has scored 26 goals and 39 assists for 65 points in 247 games.

        For the Coyotes, they get Kruger, a solid 4th line center who can fit into their team well and a better draft pick for a bottom six winger. Obviously Kruger is overpaid, but I think they can make it work.

        Kruger, 27, scored one goals and five assists for six points in 48 in his first year in Carolina, this year. In his career between the Canes and Chicago Blackhawks, Kruger has scored 34 goals and 77 assists for 111 points in 446 games.

        I think the Coyotes win this trade. They get a better player and better pick, but take up a little bit of cap, but not too much. That\’s why they win this trade.

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