Every team\’s case for signing Manny Machado

             So, as you all should know, there is a very big MLB free agent class coming up. This includes superstars Manny Machado, Bryce Harper, Josh Donaldson, Dallas Keuchel, Craig Kimbrel and Andrew Miller. Chris Sale, Madison Bumgarner and Clayton Kershaw could also be free agents, if they opt out of their contract (Bumgarner\’s is a team option). Stars like Zach Britton, Brian Dozier, David Robertson, Kelvin Herrera, Cole Hamels, Gio Gonzalez, Nelson Cruz, Andrew McCutchen, Mike Moustakas, AJ Pollock, Adrian Beltre, Daniel Murphy, DJ LeMahieu, Justin Smoak, (opt out) and Wilson Ramos are also free agents. There are so many other potential free agents, just go here for the full list [MLB Trade Rumors]. So, in the following months to come before the free agency that will break records, I\’ll be doing a series making a case for every team\’s case to sign these big time players. Since not every team has a legitimate chance to sign these players, teams with a star (*) are the teams that I think have a legitimate chance. To start the series off, we have who I think is the player to get the most money, Dodgers SS/3B Manny Machado.

            Arizona Diamondbacks
 Jake Lamb has had a bad season filled with injuries, and the D-backs could trade him. Ketel Marte could get some interest around the league. Eduardo Escobar may not return, opening another spot.

            Atlanta Braves
 Dansby Swanson hasn\’t done much to prove he\’s a starter in the MLB.

            Baltimore Orioles
It\’s always been Machado\’s team, and even though they are blowing it up, he might want to go back.

            Boston Red Sox
He\’s better than Rafael Devers and Xander Bogaerts. Yeah, no shot of him coming here.

            Chicago Cubs*
Addison Russell isn\’t anything special on offense, and Machado is a much better defender. The Cubs were one of the teams trying to trade for Machado, and will be one of the teams trying to sign him.

            Chicago White Sox*
The White Sox were aggressively pursuing Machado this postseason, and as a team trying to rebuild now, but contend in 2-4 years, Machado on a long term deal could really quicken the process. Tim Anderson could then be traded for a starter.

            Cincinnati Reds
Jose Peraza is no superstar, and could be traded along with Dilson Herrera for pitching. Machado would then be the SS.

           Cleveland Indians
Honesty, Fransisco Lindor and Jose Ramirez are both better than him. Next!

            Colorado Rockies
Once again, he isn\’t going here. They could trade Trevor Story, but doing that and signing Machado to a big deal isn\’t worth it. Pursuing one of the big starters is.

            Detroit Tigers
Jose Iglesias could move to 2B, but as a really bad team, Machado wouldn\’t go to Detroit.

            Houston Astros
He could move to third and the team could trade Alex Bregman, but that\’s not happening, especially since Bregman is a young all-star.

            Kansas City Royals
Alcides Escobar isn\’t really that good, and Mike Moustakas was traded. As one of the worst teams in the league, Machado isn\’t going there.

            Los Angeles Angels(*)
They would get rid of Andrelton Simmons, but they could trade Zack Cozart (or move him to 2B), and put Machado back at third.

            Los Angeles Dodgers
Machado\’s current team, the Dodgers will get Corey Seager back from injury next year. They could trade Justin Turner, but that isn\’t happening. If you are questioning why they\’d do that, just know that I have to make a case for every team. 

            Miami Marlins
Machado is from Miami. Heck, even his player\’s weekend name was \”Mr. Miami\”. But, the Marlins are now a joke of an organization, so he wouldn\’t go there.

            Milwaukee Brewers(*)
Ex Orioles teammate Jonathan Schoop is currently their shortstop, but if Mike Moustakas doesn\’t return, then they can move Travis Shaw back to third base, and Schoop to his natural position of 2B. That opens up a spot for Machado. Consider them a dark horse team.

            Minnesota Twins
The Twins traded away Brian Dozier and Eduardo Escobar, and Miguel Sano is having a bad year. They could trade Sano, move Jorge Polanco to third, opening up a spot for Machado.

            New York Mets
 Amed Rosario would garner a lot of trade interest, as a 22 year old MLB starting shortstop. They could trade him and sign Machado, but he\’s been getting hot lately, and the Mets wouldn\’t want to trade him.

            New York Yankees(*)
According to MLB insider Jon Heyman, a friend of Machado said that Machado\’s first choice would be the Yankees, and he\’d give up shortstop to play for them. Since 1B Greg Bird has never played a full season, and struggling in his first full one, and the team might lose J.A. Happ, C.C. Sabathia and Lance Lynn, the team could trade Bird for a starter, move 3B and AL rookie of the year favorite Miguel Andujar to 1st base, and sign Machado, putting him at 3rd.

            Oakland A\’s (*)
The A\’s are having a surprising season, and are fighting for a wild card spot. Also, they could only go up. Their current SS, Marcus Semien, could be traded for more pitching, and Machado could fit in well. Another dark horse team.

            Philadelphia Phillies (*)
 Asdrubal Cabrera might leave, creating an opening at shortstop. Enter Machado to an already young, rising team, and you got a division winner.

            Pittsburgh Pirates
Prospect Kevin Newman was just called up. They could trade him and sign Machado, But it won\’t happen.

            San Diego Padres 
The team signed Eric Hosmer to try and compete in a tough division. Why not Machado?

            San Fransisco Giants
In case they want to abandon all-star Brandon Crawford. Next!

            Seattle Mariners
 Same as the Giants but with Jean Segura. Next!

            St Louis Cardinals(*)
There was such a thing as a half star, that\’s what they\’d be. They re probably going after Josh Donaldson to fill their hole at 3B. If Machado would switch to third, perfect fit. If not… Next!

           Tampa Bay Rays
 One of their top prospects Willy Adames is there, and the team is bad. He won\’t go here.

            Texas Rangers
Elvis Andrus could be a free agent if he opts out, so that would open up a spot.

           Toronto Blue Jays
If Machado wants to go to another country, eh.

           Washington Nationals
They have Trea Turner, and are going to be focused on signing Bryce Harper.

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