MLB trade review: Brewers acquire Cedeno

           The Milwaukee Brewers have acquired LHP Xavier Cedeno from the Chicago White Sox in exchange for OF Bryan Connell and RHP Johan Dominguez.

           For the Brewers, lefties Josh Hader and Dan Jennings have combined for nearly 130 innings this season. Speaking of Jennings, this reminds me of last year\’s trade when Milwaukee acquired Jennings, a southpaw who was in the midst of a good season. They give up two low leveled prospects, so it\’s hard to say if they gave up much or not.

            Cedeno, 32, has a 2.84 ERA with a 1.26 WHIP and 28 strikeouts in 25.1 innings for the White Sox this year. In his career for the White Sox, Tampa Bay Rays, Washington Nationals and Houston Astros, Cedeno has an ERA of 3.81, with a 1.37 WHIP and 168 strikeouts in 167.2 innings.

            For the White Sox, they are a bad team, and don\’t need Cedeno. Low leveled prospects are hard to rate, but at least they have Dominguez and Connell, even though they are highly risk/reward.

            Dominguez, 22, has a .82 ERA with a .85 WHIP and 36 strikeouts in 33 innings in rookie league this year.

            Connell, 19, has a .235 batting average, seven homers and 24 RBIs in 183 Plate Appearances at Rookie level this year.

            This trade is hard to grade, so I\’ll call it even. Pretty much every trade with low leveled prospects is hard to grade. So, it\’s an even trade for now.

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