NHL trade review: Rangers acquire Strome, Oilers get Spooner

             The New York Rangers have acquired C Ryan Strome from the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for C Ryan Spooner. The Rangers also have retained $900K of Spooner\’s contract, to match Strome\’s $3.1 million cap hit.

             For the Rangers, I really don\’t understand this trade. Both players have the same amount of points this year. Strome is just one year younger than Spooner, and has struggled since his rookie season. The Rangers are hoping a second change of scenery can help him.

            Strome, 25, has scored one goal and one assist for two points in 18 games this season. In his NHL career for the Oilers and New York Islanders, Strome has scored 59 goals and 103 assists for 162 points in 358 games.

            For the Oilers, they made a terrible trade acquiring Strome for Jordan Eberle a summer ago. While Eberle scored 25 goals in New York, Strome put in just 13. Spooner has struggled at the start of this season, but scored 16 points in 20 games after a trade to the Rangers last season. Things like that make you think he didn\’t fit well with new coach Dan Quinn.

            Spooner, 26, has scored one goal and one assist for two points in 16 games for the Rangers this year. In his NHL career for the Rangers and Boston Bruins, Spooner has scored 46 goals and 114 assists for 160 points in 289 games.

             I think the Oilers win this trade. While the players are very similar, and have similar production rates, Spooner\’s strong end to 2017-18 makes me think he can succeed in Edmonton.

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