NHL trade review: Panthers acquire Wideman for Petrovic

               The Florida Panthers have acquired defenseman Chris Wideman and a third round pick in 2019 from the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for defenseman Alex Petrovic.

                For the Panthers, I like this trade. Wideman and Petrovic both play bottom pair roles, and they get a pick as well. The funny thing about this trade is that Wideman played on the Ottawa Senators earlier this year before a trade to Edmonton. Like current Panthers winger Mike Hoffman, Wideman was on the Senators, traded to a western team (Hoffman was traded to San Jose this offseason), then flipped to Florida. Wideman hasn\’t had a full season since 2016-17, when he had a good 125 shots.

                Wideman, 28, has scored two goals and five assists for seven points in 24 games for the Oilers and Senators this year. In his NHL career for those two teams, Wideman has scored 16 goals and 29 assists for 45 points in 180 games.

                 For the Oilers, I don\’t understand this trade. After making a good deal to acquire Wideman, a puck moving defenseman, from Ottawa a month ago, they flip him and give up a decent pick, for a tough defenseman that doesn\’t shoot that much. It would be a much better deal for them if they didn\’t give up the pick. The one excuse for them is that Petrovic is two years younger than Wideman.

                 Petrovic, 26, has one point, an assist, in 26 games for the Panthers this year. In his NHL career, all in Florida, Petrovic has scored five goals and 44 assists for 49 points in 254 games.

                  I think the Panthers win this trade. They get a defenseman who\’s arguably better than the one they give up, and get a third round pick in the process.

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