MLB Trade Review: Mets acquire Stroman

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     The New York Mets have acquired RHP Marcus Stroman from the Toronto Blue Jays in exchange for LHP Anthony Kay and RHP Simeon Woods-Richardson.

     The Mets might trade Noah Syndergaard or Zack Wheeler, and Stroman would be the replacement. They don\’t trade any top 100 prospects, but two of their top three pitching prospects, per MLB Pipeline (Kay is first, recently drafted Matthew Allan is second). Stroman is a very good pitcher, and is from Long Island. He has playoff experience, and has a year left of control. Stroman has been rumored to be traded for a long time.

      Stroman, 28, has a 2.96 ERA with 99 strikeouts in 124.2 innings for the Blue Jays this year. In his MLB career, all in Toronto, Stroman has a 3.76 ERA with 635 strikeouts in 789.2 innings. He is a premier ground ball pitcher, though the Mets\’ infield defense is terrible.

      The Jays were going to trade Stroman with his value at the highest and with an extra year left of team control. The return is decent, but I would think that other teams were offering more. Kay was having an amazing season at AA, with a 1.49 ERA, but has a 6.61 ERA since being promoted to AAA. He\’s already 24 and struggling at his first AAA taste, which isn\’t good, but he is highly rated. Woods-Richardson was a second round pick in 2018. He is just 18.

       Kay, 24, has a 3.13 ERA with 96 strikeouts in 97.2 innings for AA Binghamton and AAA Syracuse this year. In his minor league career, he has a 3.76 ERA with 219 strikeouts in 210.1 innings.

       Woods-Richardson, 18, has a 4.25 ERA with 97 strikeouts in 78.1 innings for Single-A Columbia this year. In his two year minor league career, he has a 3.76 ERA with 123 strikeouts in 95.2 innings.

        Weird stat: every pitcher in this trade has a career ERA of 3.76. For Stroman, it\’s in the majors, for Kay and Woods-Richardson, the minors.

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