MLB Trade Review: Reds acquire Bauer

From Bleacher Report

        The Cincinnati Reds have acquired RHP Trevor Bauer from the Cleveland Indians in a three team trade with the San Diego Padres. The Reds trade OF Taylor Trammell to the Padres and OF Yasiel Puig and LHP Scott Moss to the Indians. The Padres trade LHP Logan Allen, OF Franmil Reyes and IF/LF Victor Nova to the Indians.

         The Reds aren\’t a playoff team at the moment, but Bauer could propel them there, though that seems unlikely, as the Reds are six games under .500 and 6.5 games back of the second wild card spot. The Reds might try to go for in it 2020, the last year Bauer is under team control. It is a confusing trade as the Reds also could lose Tanner Roark and Alex Wood in free agency, though a starting rotation front lined by Bauer, Luis Castillo and Sonny Gray is pretty good. It is a very hefty price to pay, but we\’ll see if Bauer is the ace he was last year.

          Bauer, 28, has a 3.79 ERA with 185 strikeouts in 156.2 innings for the Indians this year. In his MLB career for the Indians and Arizona Diamondbacks, Bauer has a 3.92 ERA with 1111 strikeouts in 1060.2 innings.

           The Indians are a playoff team right now, so this trade doesn\’t really make sense. Bauer\’s value is high right now, and he is yet to sign an extension, so they traded him instead. That leaves Mike Clevinger and Shane Bieber at the top of the rotation with Corey Kluber and Carlos Carrasco still out. This could hurt the Indians in their playoff run, though they get two outfielders with 20 homers already, plus Allen, the 98th best prospect in baseball, per MLB Pipeline. Allen could appear for the Indians in the rotation and bullpen down the stretch. Nova is a low level prospect and Moss was the Reds\’ 12th best prospect.

             Puig, 28, has a .255 batting average with 22 homers, 60 RBIs and 13 stolen bases in 400 Plate Appearances for the Reds this year. In his MLB career for the Reds and Los Angeles Dodgers, Puig has a .276 batting average with 130 homers, 391 RBIs and 73 stolen bases in 3165 Plate Appearances.

             Reyes, 24, has a .253 batting average with 27 homers and 46 RBIs in 349 Plate Appearances for the Padres this year. In his two year MLB career, Reyes has a .265 average with 43 homers and 77 RBIs in 634 Plate Appearances.

            Allen, 22, made his MLB debut this year, with a 6.75 ERA and 14 strikeouts in 25.1 innings. He has a 5.15 ERA with 63 strikeouts in 57.2 innings in AAA El Paso.

            Moss, 24, has a 3.44 ERA with 123 strikeouts in 102 innings for AA Chattanooga this year. In his minor league career Moss has a 3.42 ERA with 420 strikeouts in 408 innings.

            Nova, 19, has a .330 batting average with one homer, 17 RBIs and seven stolen bases in 109 Plate Appearances for the Arizona League Padres. In his minor league career he has a .250 batting average with three homers, 34 RBIs and 14 stolen bases in 263 Plate Appearances.

            I don\’t love this trade for the Padres. Trammell is a big prospect, and was at the top of the Reds system, and ranked 30th in all of baseball. But he is having an underwhelming AA season and Reyes is a stud with 27 homers at age 24, and Allen still has a lot of potential. But scouts love Trammell so this could be a great trade for San Diego.

             Trammell, 21, has a .236 batting average with six homers, 33 RBIs and 17 stolen bases for AA Chattanooga this year. In his minor league career he has a .273 batting average with 29 home runs, 185 RBIs and 107 stolen bases in 1662 Plate Appearances.

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