NHL Trade Review: Islanders acquire Pageau

From the NY Post

        The New York Islanders have acquired forward Jean-Gabriel Pageau from the Ottawa Senators in exchange for a conditional 2020 1st round pick, a 2020 2nd round pick and a conditional 2022 3rd round pick. The 1st rounder will be a 2021 pick if the 2020 pick is top-3 overall. The Senators only get the 3rd rounder if the Islanders win the Stanley Cup this season.

        Pageau is a middle-six center, but the Islanders desperately needed him. He plays a two-way game, and has a career high 24 goals already. However, he has nearly an 18% shooting percentage, about four percent higher than his previous career high. Also, he has had a big bump in ice time as the Senators have traded away many players in recent years. He is a rental, but the Islanders likely believe that they can re-sign him. Neither of the conditions include a re-signing condition. The Isles\’ bottom-six is horrible, and Pageau helps improve that. They still could use a winger. Pageau\’s own former teammate Tyler Ennis is very much an option. He should only cost a 4-5th round pick.

         Pageau, 27, has scored 24 goals with 16 assists for 40 points in 60 games for the Senators this year. In his NHL career, all in Ottawa, Pageau has scored 87 goals with 95 assists for 182 points in 428 games.

         The Senators are horrible. Pageau is a pending UFA and contract talks reportedly weren\’t going anywhere. Getting a first and a second rounder is a really, really good return. Pageau was playing top minutes for them but he is more like a third liner. The Senators have three first round picks now, and two- their own and San Jose\’s, will be top picks.

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