MLB Trade Review: Astros acquire Velazquez

           The Houston Astros have acquired RHP Hector Velazquez from the Baltimore Orioles in exchange for a player to be named later.        The Astros need experienced pitchers, especially in their bullpen. Opening Day was less than a week ago, and the Astros have already had seven relief pitchersContinue reading “MLB Trade Review: Astros acquire Velazquez”

Washington Nationals 2020 Season Preview

From Getty Images        The bullpen has become arguably the most important part of an MLB team. Teams have found a lot of success on the shoulders of a great bullpen, but the Washington Nationals proved that a bullpen isn\’t as necessary as we all thought. With a pretty thin relief core, the Nationals usedContinue reading “Washington Nationals 2020 Season Preview”

Toronto Blue Jays 2020 Season Preview

       In 2019, the Blue Jays entered the year just waiting for their top prospects to debut. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Cavan Biggio started that, and soon Bo Bichette joined. The Blue Jays were a bad team, as the lineup around them and the pitching staff struggled. In the offseason, the team went out andContinue reading “Toronto Blue Jays 2020 Season Preview”

Texas Rangers 2020 Season Preview

       The Texas Rangers might have had the best offseason out of any team this past year. They upgraded their rotation, sharpened their lineup, and even though an all-star from last year departed, the Rangers are serious playoff contenders, if their bullpen can hold up. Playing against good teams like the Astros, A\’s and DodgersContinue reading “Texas Rangers 2020 Season Preview”