NHL Trade Review: Senators and Kings make a swap

         The Ottawa Senators have acquired forward Michael Amadio from the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for defenseman Christian Wolanin.  This is merely a swap of depth players between the two NHL teams closest to the salary cap floor. This is not a big NHL trade, but both players have a goodContinue reading “NHL Trade Review: Senators and Kings make a swap”

NHL Trade Review: Kings acquire Lemieux

         The Los Angeles Kings have acquired forward Brendan Lemieux from the New York Rangers in exchange for a 2021 4th round draft pick. The son of former instigator Claude Lemieux, the younger Lemieux plays like his father did. While Claude scored 41 goals in one season, Brendan is not a goalContinue reading “NHL Trade Review: Kings acquire Lemieux”

NHL Trade Review: Habs acquire Staal

         The Montreal Canadiens have acquired forward Eric Staal from the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for a 2021 third round draft pick and a 2021 5th round pick. The Sabres also retained $1.625 million, or 50% of Staal\’s salary. This is act one of the everything must go sale for another SabresContinue reading “NHL Trade Review: Habs acquire Staal”

NHL Trade Review: Ducks acquire Volkov

         The Anaheim Ducks have acquired forward Alexander Volkov from the Tampa Bay Lighting in exchange for F Antoine Morand and a 2023 conditional seventh round draft pick. The pick can transfer to a 2024 7th rounder depending on conditions from a draft day 2020 trade with Columbus. This is the firstContinue reading “NHL Trade Review: Ducks acquire Volkov”

Washington Nationals 2021 Season Preview

         We are finally at the end of my season previews for 2021. This year, the Nationals do not have their roster all official by the time I finished my preview for them, since I started these a week earlier than I normally do. For the team themselves, they really disappointed, asContinue reading “Washington Nationals 2021 Season Preview”