NHL Trade Review: Habs Acquire Dvorak

The Montreal Canadiens have acquired forward Christian Dvorak from the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for a conditional 2022 first round pick and a 2024 2nd-rounder. The first rounder will be the better of the Canadiens or Hurricanes’ pick, unless only one of the two are in the top-ten, then the lower pick goes to Arizona.

The Canadiens made this deal on the back of giving up 2018 third-overall pick Jesperi Kotkaniemi to Carolina following a $6.1 million offer sheet. In return, they received a first and third rounder. For the upcoming season, yes, Dvorak is better than Kotkaniemi. He also comes a lot cheaper. Dvorak is under contract for the next four seasons with a very respectable $4.45 million cap hit. That is very good for a second-line center. Dvorak has already proven to be a solid two-way guy in that role, while Kotkaniemi has not. For nearly the same amount of value, the Habs get the better player. However, they lose about five years in age.

Dvorak, 25, scored 17 goals with 14 assists for 31 points in 56 games for Arizona in 2020-21. In his NHL career, all for the Coyotes, Dvorak had scored 67 goals with 79 assists for 146 points in 302 games.

The Coyotes’ pick brigade extends as they scoop up two quality selections for one of their longer tenured players. The team now has three first rounders and five seconds in the 2022 draft. Hopefully they hit on them. The team is awful right now and trading Dvorak raises the odds of getting the first overall pick. The value is good in this deal but they do get rid of one of the league’s more team friendly deals.

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