MLB Trade Review: Mariners Acquire Adam Frazier

After acquiring him at the trade deadline, the San Diego Padres have sent utility player Adam Frazier to the Seattle Mariners for LHP Ray Kerr and OF Corey Rosier.

Frazier was off to a career season in 2021, with an OPS of .836, when he was sent to San Diego. Everything fell apart after that, with a .662 OPS following the trade. With a year left on his contract, the Padres are trying to get some of their lost value back. They dealt Tucupita Marcano, Jack Suwinski, and Michell Miliano to Pittsburgh, which is a solid haul. MLB Pipeline has Marcano ninth and Suwinski 29th on Pittsburgh’s top prospects list.

In return, they get two players at very different spots in their career. Kerr is a hard throwing lefty who is not really a prospect anymore at the age of 27. He had a 37.4 K% with a 2.83 ERA and a 2.54 FIP at AA last season. Kerr was called up to AAA. While not as good, he still managed to post a FIP of 3.02. Combined, he only threw 39.2 innings last season.

That would mean that Rosier has to be the centerpiece of the deal. A 12th round draft pick from earlier this year, Rosier went from Chipola College in Florida to Single-A, where he had a .390/.461/.585 slash line with 13 stolen bases in 31 games.

Frazier was reportedly a big target for the Mariners at the trade deadline. They lost out on him, and now get him for a lot less than they would have months ago. Even with his awful stint with the Padres, his total numbers are still good. He struck out just 10.8 percent of the time with a .305 average, a .368 OBP, 114 wRC+, and a 3.5 fWAR. Frazier is also a decent defender with flexibility. He is mainly a second baseman, but also played left field last season. In his career, Frazier has played third, shortstop, left, and right field. If the Mariners miss out on a big bat this offseason, then Frazier can start at second base. If not, he will be a solid utility option.

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