Arizona Coyotes 2021-22 Season Preview

No team has ever made their tanking as apparent as the Coyotes did this offseason. They lost all three of their goalies, dealt their franchise icon and two top-six forwards. The Coyotes also took on a ton of salary in exchange for all of the picks in the world. In this upcoming draft, Arizona hasContinue reading “Arizona Coyotes 2021-22 Season Preview”

Anaheim Ducks 2021-22 Season Preview

California hockey is at an all-time low right now. None of the three teams are good and the battle of them is to see which one can get better quicker. After this past offseason, the Ducks have dropped in that leaderboard. They decided to be as quiet as quiet can be. They brought back captainContinue reading “Anaheim Ducks 2021-22 Season Preview”

NHL Trade Review: Habs Acquire Dvorak

The Montreal Canadiens have acquired forward Christian Dvorak from the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for a conditional 2022 first round pick and a 2024 2nd-rounder. The first rounder will be the better of the Canadiens or Hurricanes’ pick, unless only one of the two are in the top-ten, then the lower pick goes to Arizona.Continue reading “NHL Trade Review: Habs Acquire Dvorak”

MLB Trade Review: Phillies Improve Pitching

The Philadelphia Phillies have acquired RHPs Kyle Gibson, Ian Kennedy, Hans Crouse, and cash from the Texas Rangers in exchange for RHP Spencer Howard, Kevin Gowdy, and Josh Gessner. The Phillies needed pitching and boy did they get pitching in this trade. Gibson and Kennedy are both veterans but each has had a very niceContinue reading “MLB Trade Review: Phillies Improve Pitching”

MLB Trade Review: Mets Get Baez

The New York Mets have acquired IF Javier Baez and RHP Trevor Williams from the Chicago Cubs in exchange for OF Pete Crow-Armstrong. This may be the key indicator that the Steve Cohen Mets are different. They got Francisco Lindor in the offseason and now add his former teammate from Team Puerto Rico in Baez.Continue reading “MLB Trade Review: Mets Get Baez”