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The Best and Worst Values of NHL Trade Deadline Season 2023

Another trade deadline has passed, and while the day itself was on the boring side, the trading season was easily the most exciting we have had in years. An abundance of stars were dealt, from Bo Horvat on January 30th to John Klingberg at the buzzer. Of course, there were steals, and some mind-numbing decisions.…

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Winnipeg Jets 2022-23 Season Preview

We have made it to the final season preview! The Jets just endured a very boring offseason, one that didn’t get spicy until training camp started, when they stripped Blake Wheeler of his captaincy, something that he has held since Andrew Ladd left in 2016. Message sent. Winnipeg was disappointing last season. Are they reformed…

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Washington Capitals 2022-23 Season Preview

The narrative that the Capitals are on the brink of a rebuild continued last season, but it just won’t happen. The truth is that Washington probably will contend as long as Alex Ovechkin is still scoring. And the day that Ovechkin stops scoring will probably feature him as the league’s all-time greatest scorer. A solid…

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Vegas Golden Knights 2022-23 Season Preview

The Golden Knights came into the league as the people’s team, a group of misfits who were one of the league’s best squads. But in the four years since then, Vegas has become an easy team to despise. They have ditched loyalty to go for every star possible, and have been to salary cap hell…

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Vancouver Canucks 2022-23 Season Preview

The Canucks may not have made the playoffs in a weak Pacific Division, but last year did bring some promising positives. For one, they have a very solid core, one that was not separated despite rumors this offseason. Also, they had a great second half. After Bruce Boudreau took over as head coach, Vancouver went…

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Toronto Maple Leafs 2022-23 Season Preview

How did it happen again. The Maple Leafs lost in the first round of the playoffs, but no one was really surprised. It felt like the confirmation of a curse existing. This past offseason was divisive in the Leafs’ community, but in the end it feels like GM Kyle Dubas built a team destined for…

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Tampa Bay Lightning 2022-23 Season Preview

It didn’t happen until the Stanley Cup Finals, but a team finally eliminated the Lightning. The Avalanche were simply the better squad, but that doesn’t close the window for Tampa Bay’s third cup in four seasons. They have quickly rebuilt their bottom-six, which supplements an outstanding top-two lines. This offseason saw them extend a ton…

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St. Louis Blues 2022-23 Season Preview

They were certainly no Avalanche, but the Blues had an incredible offensive team last year, one that did not get enough credit. They were fourth in the league in goals scored and had ten players with 47 or more points. St. Louis had incredible scoring depth and will have most of their key players return…

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Seattle Kraken 2022-23 Season Preview

The NHL gave the Kraken an outstanding opportunity to live the magic of the Golden Knights in their inaugural season. Instead, Seattle confused everybody at the expansion draft, then proceeded to act like an actual expansion team. But don’t fear, lifelong Kraken fans! Even with the fourth overall pick, Seattle managed to luck into Shane…

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San Jose Sharks 2022-23 Season Preview

The Sharks’ descent from perennial playoff chokers into salary cap hell has been a tough one to watch. They didn’t hire a new GM until the first week of July, and chose failed Rangers bench boss David Quinn as their new head coach. The offseason was mostly unspectacular, aside from the fact that they were…

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