NHL trade review: Blues acquire Schenn from Flyers for Lehtera and two firsts

              The Philadelphia Flyers have acquired forward Jori Lehtera, the 27th overall pick in the 2017 NHL draft (which became center Morgan Frost) and a conditional first round pick in 2018 from the St. Louis Blues for forward Brayden Schenn.

              Schenn, 25, scored 55 points (25 goals and 30 assists) in 79 games in 2016-17. He has scored 248 points (109 goals and 139 assists) in 433 career NHL games, for the Flyers and Los Angeles Kings.

              Lehtera, 29, scored 22 points (seven goals and 15 assists) in 64 games in \’16-17. He made his debut in 2014-15, at the age of 27. He has exactly 100 points (30 goals and 70 assists) in his 218 game NHL career, all for the Blues.

              Frost, 18, scored 62 points (20 goals and 42 assists) in 67 games for the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds.

              The conditional pick is awarded to the Flyers, unless the Blues have a top 10 pick in the 2018. Then, the Blues can choose to keep that pick, and they\’ll automatically have to give the Flyers their 2019 first, even if it\’s the first overall pick. If the Blues protect their pick, the Flyers also will receive a third rounder in 2019 as well.

               I think the Flyers, by far, win this trade. Though Schenn is better than Lehtera and four years younger, they received two first round picks, which is way too much for Schenn. The Blues could have gotten him without the other first.

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