Cruising with Carr: My interview with Habs Dan Carr

        If the Montreal Canadiens need a forward, they know who to call. No, not ghostbusters. In two seasons with the Habs, Dan Carr has been an offensive force when called upon by former head coach Michel Therrian, and should still stay hot under Claude Julian. Carr, 25, went undrafted, had four great years at Union college, including a national championship in 2014, where he scored 50 points in 39 games in his senior year. The Sherwood Park, Alberta native then signed with the Canadiens. In two seasons so far with the Habs, Carr has scored 18 points (eight goals and 10 assists) in 56 games. In 2015-16, Carr did something that not many players ever did. He scored on his first shot in his first NHL shift. In 2016-17, Carr is looking to get a more consistent role.

           Recently, I was able to catch up with Dan and ask him a few questions.

           Me: \”How do you like the Canadiens\’ offseason moves?\”
           Carr: \”I think the biggest thing as a player is that all you can do is just play. There is a lot of things that can happen in hockey from the business side of things where they bring guys in, other guys move on, and the best thing as a player that you can do is just play and not worry about those things and show up to camp ready to go and excited for the season.\”

          M: \”What do you think your chances are to get a permanent starting role in the lineup are?\”
          C: \” It\’s kind of like the last question. The only thing I can do is show up to camp and play my best. Whatever happens from there is out of my control. For me, I need to show up to camp and play my best. That\’s all I can do.\”

           M: \”On the ice, what do you think you bring to the table?\”
           C: \”I play hard, I go to the net. I know I can score. Those are the big things for me. I need to make sure I\’m doing the little things well, and go from there. I know I can put the puck in the net, and that\’s the big thing.

          M: \”Lately, Union college has been producing a lot of NHL players like yourself. Why do you think this is happening?\”
          C: \”I think it\’s a culture thing. I think guys do a good job of going there and continuing to get better. Guys end up a lot more NHL ready, and a lot more hockey ready, and it\’s good to see as an alumni.\”

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