MLB trade review: Brewers acquire Walker

          The Milwaukee Brewers have acquired 2B Neil Walker from the New York Mets in exchange for a player to be named later (PTBNL).

           With 2B Jonathan Villar having an awful 2017, the Brewers have been looking for a 2B to bolster their roster. They reportedly have been in talks with the Detroit Tigers including 2B Ian Kinsler, but the two sides were unable to complete a deal. Walker is a switch hitter like Villar, but unlike Kinsler, so that could be something Milwaukee liked more about him. Also, he\’s a pending free agent, so Villar can try and get things together in 2018.

              Walker, 31, has a .264 batting average, 10 homers and 36 RBIs in 299 Plate Appearances for the Mets this year. In his nine year career for the Mets and Pittsburgh Pirates, Walker has a .272 batting average, 126 homers, 509 RBIs and 29 steals in 4183 Plate Appearances.

                The Mets, completely out of the playoff hunt, are selling all their rentals, like Walker. Lucas Duda was traded to the Rays. Jay Bruce is now an Indian. Walker is ineligible for a qualifying offer, since the Mets tendered an offer to Walker last year, which he excepted, so he can\’t be tendered one this year. At least they get value out of Walker. The only thing is, since it\’s a waiver trade, his value dropped, so they only get a PTBNL.

                  I think the Brewers win this trade. They get an MLB starting second baseman for what seems to be a low leveled prospect. That\’s why they win.

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