NHL trade review: Kings get Phaneuf, Sens get Gaborik

                We have our first trade of the NHL\’s trade deadline season. In it, the Los Angeles Kings acquired D Dion Phaneuf and C Nate Thompson from the Ottawa Senators in exchange for F Marian Gaborik and F Nick Shore.

                  For the Kings, this trade comes directly after a bad 7-3 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes. In need of defense, the Kings acquiring Phaneuf comes as a semi-surprise, as his names weren\’t in any rumors, and we didn\’t expect him to get traded, but if you think about it, it makes sense. Thompson can be a depth forward to replace Shore.

                  Phaneuf, 32, has scored three goals and 13 assists for 16 points in 52 games for the Sens this year. In his NHL career for the Sens, Toronto Maple Leafs and Calgary Flames, Phaneuf has scored 133 goals and 345 assists for 478 points in 954 games.

                  Thompson, 33, has four goals and seven assists for 11 points in 43 games for the Sens this year. In his NHL career for the Sens, Anaheim Ducks, Tampa Bay Lightning, New York Islanders and Boston Bruins, Thompson has scored 52 goals and 70 assists for 122 points in 593 games.

                  For the Sens, they are out of contention for this year, and unload most of Phaneuf\’s massive $7 million cap hit (thanks Cap Friendly) (and they retained 25% of his contract). They don\’t get much in return, though. Gaborik\’s had a really nice career, but he\’s very injury prone. Shore matches up with Thompson. Plus, Gaborik has a big contract has well (4.875 mil, Cap Friendly once again).

                 Gaborik, who turns 36 a day after the trade, has scored seven goals and seven assists for 14 points in 29 games for the Kings this year. In his NHL career for the Kings, New York Rangers, Columbus Blue Jackets and Minnesota Wild, Gaborik has scored 403 goals and 405 assists for 808 points in 1018 games.

                  Shore, 25, has scored four goals and 11 assists for 15 points in 48 games for the Kings this season. In his NHL career, all in L.A., Shore has 14 goals and 35 assists for 49 points in 220 games.

                  I think the Kings win this trade. It\’s more of a cap trade, but the Kings only gain slightly more money in cap terms, and win the skill part too. It should be clear, after a peak at the stats and contracts that the Kings win.

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