NHL Trade Review: Sabres acquire Vesey

       The Buffalo Sabres have acquired F Jimmy Vesey from the New York Rangers for a 2021 3rd round draft pick.

       The Rangers are looking to save cap space for Artemi Panarin or another big free agent. Vesey is a UFA after next year. When you are desperate, you don\’t get much value. The Rangers could have gotten much more for Vesey, but since it\’s a July 1st trade, and not a draft deal, they get less value.

       The Sabres have always been interested in Vesey. When he was in college, Buffalo acquired Vesey\’s rights from the Predators. Vesey ended up becoming a UFA after college and signed with the Rangers. The Sabres finally get Vesey, and don\’t give up much. It\’s a third round pick in two drafts.

        Vesey, 26, scored 17 goals with 18 assists for 35 points in 81 games for the Rangers this past season. In his NHL career, all in New York, Vesey has scored 50 goals with 40 assists for 90 points in 240 games.

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