MLB Trade Review: Padres acquire Nola and two others in seven player deal


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       The San Diego Padres have acquired C/1B Austin Nola, RHP Austin Adams and RHP Dan Altavilla from the Seattle Mariners in exchange for OF Taylor Trammell, IF Ty France, RHP Andres Munoz and C Luis Torrens.

        The Padres have been very active recently, acquiring Trevor Rosenthal, Mitch Moreland, Jason Castro and now these three players in just over 24 hours. Castro looked to be the new catcher with Austin Hedges as the back-up, but Nola could start, and Castro could push both Hedges and Francisco Mejia out, or one of them could be traded for a starting pitcher, most likely Indians ace Mike Clevinger, whose best friend Trevor Bauer was dealt for Trammell last July. A career minor leaguer with the Marlins who developed into a catcher and debuted at age 29 last year, Nola is off to a hot start offensively, although he is heavily overshadowed by his younger brother Aaron. Adams becoming a strikeout machine after being acquired last May from Washington. While he has not pitched so far this year recovering from ACL surgery, he should return soon. He also has four more years of control. Altavilla has been with the Mariners since 2016, and while there have been a bunch of up-and-downs since, he has consistently struck batters out. All three are solid depth pieces to add to your team, but when you consider what San Diego gave up, the trade is definitely questionable. 

       Nola, 30, has five home runs with a .306 average and an OPS of .903 in 110 Plate Appearances for the Mariners this year. In his MLB career, all in Seattle, Nola has 15 home runs with a .280 average and an .827 OPS in 377 Plate Appearances.

       Adams, 29, had a 3.94 ERA with 53 strikeouts and a 3.12 FIP in 32 innings for the Mariners and Washington Nationals last year. In his MLB career for those two teams, Adams has a 3.79 ERA with 63 strikeouts and a 3.55 FIP in 38 innings.

       Altavilla, 27, has a 7.71 ERA with 14 strikeouts and a 5.88 FIP in 11.2 innings for the Mariners this year. In his MLB career, all in Seattle, Altavilla has a 4.08 ERA with 117 strikeouts and a 4.46 FIP in 106 innings.

       Even for the Mariners, these three players weren\’t necessities. While Nola was one of their best players, he was a guy that went from nothing to something with them, and they are selling high. Adams has been hurt all year, and Altavilla is a spare part. In return, they get Trammell, who has fallen off in recent years, but the former 1st round pick is still ranked as the 60th best prospect in the major leagues, and he was 5th in the San Diego system. While the rest of the players aren\’t prospects, they have MLB service time. Munoz is a Mexican right-hander who is currently recovering from Tommy John surgery and will miss this season, but he debuted last year and he can reach up to 102 mph with his sinker. France, drafted as a 34th rounder in 2015, has been a utility player since he was called up last year, and he has had a great start at the plate this year. A Rule-5 pick from the Yankees before the 2017 season, Torrens played in 56 games that year, but has only played in 14 games in the three seasons since, seven of those coming in 2020. He can definitely get more playing time in Seattle, with Tom Murphy injured and back-ups Joseph Odom and Joe Hudson having a weak start to the season.

       Trammell, 22, hit 10 home runs with 20 stolen bases, a .234 average and an OPS of .689 in 514 AA Plate Appearances last year. In his minor league career, Trammell has 33 home runs with 110 stolen bases, a .270 average and a .769 OPS in 1799 Plate Appearances.

       Munoz, 21, had a 3.91 ERA with 30 strikeouts and a 3.17 FIP in 23 innings for the Padres last year, his only taste of Major League Baseball action.

       France, 26, has two home runs with a .314 average and an OPS of .885 in 56 Plate Appearances for the Padres this year. In his MLB career, all in San Diego, France has hit nine home runs with a .251 average and a .737 OPS in 257 Plate Appearances. 

       Torrens, 24, has no home runs with a .273 average and a .697 OPS in 13 Plate Appearances this year. In his MLB career, all in San Diego, Torrens has no home runs with a .176 average and a .479 OPS in 168 Plate Appearances. 

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